Monday, September 21, 2009

Rapper incited fans to beat up teenager?

Rapper Ryszard Andrzejewski, more commonly known as Peja, exhorted people gathered at his concert in the western city of Zielona Gora to beat a teenager who he claims offended him.

Police from Zielona Gora have opened an investigation into the case after the father of a 15-year-old man who was beaten at the concert filed pressed criminal charges. Two witnesses of the assault and the victim will give statements today. Police officers are checking CCTV recordings from the concert to establish who is responsible for the assault.

The teenager was beaten on Saturday during a hip-hop concert. Peja was one of the musicians who performed on that night.

After his show the rapper started screaming at a 15-year-old man who allegedly showed him a middle finger: “You f*****g f****t, when I was rapping, you b***h, you didn’t even know how you should f*****g s**t.” Later, Peja addressed the audience: “You know what to do with him, right? F**k the mother f****r up!” After that, a group of young people severely beat the teenager.

ASPE, the organizer of the Zielona Gora concert, deny that any illegal incidents took place during the event. Meanwhile, the mayor of Zielona Gora has sent a letter to all town councils in Poland, warning them of inviting Peja as “his behaviour is dangerous for participants of mass events.” The city authorities are also considering pressing charges.

If found guilty of inciting violence, the rapper may face up to three years in prison.