Sunday, September 20, 2009

Polish cashier punished for not serving Italians

A Polish State Railways cashier from Bialystok, eastern Poland, has been punished for refusing to talk to Italian tourists.

In August, Italians returning home from the World Esperanto Congress wanted to know if one of them could a student discount ticket to Vienna. The cashier, however, refused to talk to them.

When a fellow passenger intervened to help the Italians, the cashier screamed: “This is Poland and we speak Polish here. I understand English but I don’t feel like using it.”

She then called over security guards and sold the tourists tickets without discount.

Unfortunately for the xenophobic cashier, the women who wanted to help the Italians turned out to be a journalist from Gazeta Wyborcza, who later described the incident in her column.

One of the readers filed a complaint against the cashier and her employer, PKP Intercity.

Yesterday the investigation decided that the cashier grossly neglected her duties. “The cashier will have her bonus lowered. We have already admonished her again about her duties towards passengers. We hope that such an incident won’t happen again and our passengers will always be provided with the highest quality services,” says Beata Czemerajda, spokesperson from PKP Intercity S.A.