Saturday, September 12, 2009

Russia - Poland wanted Jews sent to Madagascar

A new book backed by the Russian government says Poland’s interwar foreign minister was an alcoholic and that Poland wanted to send Jews to Madagascar.

Who started the war, and when, has a forward written by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and was published in cooperation with the Moscow Commission for Combating the Falsification of History.

The publication - part of a series of documentaries and statements recently, alleging cooperation between Poland’s 1930s governments and Nazi Germany - says that the then foreign minister in Warsaw, Jozef Beck, was worried by a lack of living space and considered sending the considerable Jewish population in Poland at that time to the island of Madagascar, a plan the Nazis had considered as part of the “Final Solution”.

“The book is pure science fiction,” says Lukasz Kaminski from Poland’s state-backed Institute of National Remembrance.

Launched on Wednesday at the 22nd International Book fair in Moscow, writes that, “From 1934 [after Warsaw signed a non-aggression pact with Berlin] Poland and Germany were close partners. Poland’s policy was to extend its territory, at the expense of the Soviet Union.