Sunday, September 06, 2009

Nepal understands: Musicians escape Poland for Germany

Fourteen Nepalese musicians taking part in an international folk competition in Poland disappeared in a car, presumably heading for Germany, without playing a note.

Folk ensembles from Poland, Spain and Hungary have won awards at the International Highland Folk Festival in the Tatra resort of Zakopane, which attracted groups from sixteen countries, including also France, Norway, Indonesia and Nepal.

The Nepalese group that caused the biggest sensation in Zakopane, southern Poland, though not for artistic reasons.

When the group’s performance started, the jury was amazed to see ten people on the concert platform instead of twenty four. It turned out that the 14 musicians left for Germany in a car with their compatriots living in that country.

Polish highlanders say they are not shocked by the incident, recalling that during communist times groups of Polish artists often took the opportunity of tours to Western Europe or the United States to seek political asylum. Their only regret was that the Nepalese should proceed with their escape until after the performance of the whole 24-strong group.