Monday, August 31, 2009

Smuggler caught with 80 cocaine capsules in stomach

A man has been arrested in Warsaw with 80 capsules filled with cocaine in his stomach.

The suspicious behaviour of 55 year old Wieslaw S., attracted attention of Warsaw’s airport customs service. After questioning the man – Wieslaw S. – it was discovered that he had several dozen capsules with cocaine in his pockets and some in his stomach amounting to more than a half of kilogram of the drug in total.

Wieslaw S. swallowed 80 capsules two days before he took off from Buenos Aires airport on return to Poland. Right after his detention he was taken to hospital. According to the doctors his condition is “well”.

The 650 grams of cocaine Wieslaw S tried to smuggle to Poland is worth about 200,000 zloty. He faces up to fifteen years imprisonment.