Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Two forty-year-olds from Tarnawa Dolna are accused of chasing a St Bernard dog by car for miles until the animal collapsed from exhaustion – then they ran it over, killing it.

The dog escaped from the garden of its owner this Monday, together with a boxer, when the gate was accidentally left open.
The boxer returned later, but the St Bernard disappeared without trace, until this Wednesday, when the owner’s brother overheard two men boasting of how they had run over a dog, unaware of his connection to it. They told how after killing the animal they had paid a neighbour a bottle of vodka to drag the dog into the bushes using his tractor. The two men have not been arrested or interviewed yet, “We’ll do so in the next few days. First we have to gather all the evidence,” Jerzy Gorecki of Sanok police told a reporter from Gazeta Rzeszów. The two men may ultimately face a charge of killing a dog with extreme cruelty, for which they could spend up to two years in prison.

In a related story, in Przychod, near Mlawa, a pack of dogs attacked a mother with her three-year-old daughter and then set upon a policeman called to the rescue, and all under the eye of their owner reports TVN24. The owner was walking the group of seven dogs when they set upon the passing mother and the young girl who was bitten on the foot. The girl’s mother swept her up and ran for safety into a nearby home and called the police. When they arrived the dogs set upon one officer, knocking him over and biting him on the leg. Only a warning shot into the air frightened the dogs off. Both the girl and the police officer were not seriously hurt. The 43-year-old owner, who was sober, was arrested and the dogs taken to a shelter and placed under veterinary observation. The man faces up to 10 years in prison.