Monday, August 24, 2009

Justice Minister’s son refuses court

Krzysztof Czuma, son of Justice Minister Andrzej Czuma, will not go to court despite the fact that a SKOK office in Wolomin, a Warsaw suburb has been attempting to sue Czuma for not repaying credit.

SKOK, a savings and loan financial institution, has fined the younger Czuma for not making payments for credit on his computer firm – a sum of 2,000 zloty (486 euro) plus interest.

SKOK has been attempting to get the money for two years, yet the Justice Minister’s son has not responded to court orders. On 30 June, courts ordered police to bring Czuma to courts. A trial date is set for 21 September.

Justice Minister Czuma has disassociated himself from the legal proceedings.

“Being the son of a Justice Minister comes with responsibilities – and definitely mandates respect for the court,” comments the daily Rzeczpospolita on the matter.