Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Richest Pole’s ex-wife testifies in murder case

Grazyna Kulczyk, ex-wife of businessman Jan Kulczyk, one of the richest men in Poland, has been testifying in relation to the murder of General Marek Papala.

Grazyna Kulczyk has been interrogated as a witness at the police headquarters in the western city of Poznan. Police have examined her connection with Edward Mazur, Polish businessman living in the US, who is believed to have ordered the assassination of General Marek Papla. Police have tried to establish if Grazyna Kulczyk contributed money to Mazur while setting up Stary Browar, a modern shopping centre in Poznan.

Apart from Grazyna Kulczyk, other Polish businessmen will also be interrogated in Papala’s case, announced the Prosecutor’s Office.

Police chief General Marek Papala was murdered while parking his car meters away from his Warsaw apartment in 1998. It took Polish authorities several years to apprehend Papala’s killer, a previously-unknown assassin. The lengthy investigation has led public prosecutors to Polish businessman Edward Mazur, who’s living in the U.S.

Mazur is believed to have ordered the assassination. Polish justice authorities tried to extradite Mazur in 2005, but two years later, the Federal Court in Chicago ruled against the extradition, citing insufficient evidence. The Polish Prosecutor’s Office is going to file another motion for extradition of Edward Mazur as new evidence has been discovered in relation to the case.