Friday, May 22, 2009

Wawrzyniaki admits doping mistake

A B sample test has confirmed that defender and national team representative, Jakub Wawrzyniaki, had been taking banned substances, as indicated by A sample results ealier this week.

Wawrzyniaki, who plays his club football for Panathinaikos Athens, defended himself by saying:

“I have been taking medicine to reduce fatty tissue. I did not know that it has an illicit substance.”

Poland’s national team defender was tested on 5 April after a match between Panathinaikos and Skoda Xanthi in the Greek league. Two weeks earlier, Wawrzyniak was training with Poland’s national squad and on 28 March, he played against Northern Ireland.

It has been alleged that the player doped during the time he was training with the Polish national side as a test done just before he left Athens was negative and after he returned it was positive.

But Wawrzyniak said, that his problem has nothing in common with Poland’s squad. He claimed, that his major mistake was not to consult anyone before taking the medicine.