Friday, May 15, 2009

Polish priest sentenced for persuading to suicide

3.5 years will spend in prison priest Piotr T., former parish priest from Dembnica, who was sentenced by the District Court, for persuading to suicide his teenager altar server. As a result the boy tried to commit suicide on the 16th of May 2006.

The trial started last October is Swupsk . Accused parish priest committed the crime in 2006 in Dembnica. He tried to persuade the altar server to kill himself. The priest took the boy on a trip where he was giving him alcohol, drugs and marihuana. He was seducing the boy and tried to advise him to commit suicide. The priest did not tell anybody about this situation. Teenager came home after several days and told everything his parent and the local police. The prosecutor’s office stared an investigation. As it turned, the priest gave also drugs and alcohol other altar servers.

After teenager’s testimony the bishop of Peplin suspended Piotr T. From ministering to his parish and sent a new priest who revealed missing money (27 thousand zloty what means 6 thousand euro).