Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poland threatened by depopulation

By 2060 the population of Poland will drop by one fifth and there will be one employee for two pensioners, predicts the European Statistical Office.

In the years 1997-2007 the number of Poles decreased by 175,000, according to the Main Statistical Office (GUS). But the pace of changes is now speeding up.

The birth rate in Poland, which was recently higher than in previous years – influenced by the recent economic boom - will start dropping in two years, predicts Eurostat. Polish society will grow older, which may lead to a situation when there are not enough employees and too many pensioners.

In 50 years Polish cities will be depopulated as the number of inhabitants will drop significantly. The process already affected Lodz, centre Poland.

Business magazine Parkiet claims that Poland, in order to prevent depopulation, should provide Polish women with better economic conditions to give birth. It should also take more interest in attracting immigrants.