Saturday, May 02, 2009

Two kids in court for internet bullying

Two eleven-year-olds are standing before family court in Elk, northern Poland, for having broken into a fellow student's account and bullying him.

The boys hacked into their classmates account and, according to police spokesperson Monika Bekulard, bullied the boy.

“They changed what his profile said, putting up vulgar phrases to the extent that the boy was bullied and victimized in school, amongst his fellow colleagues,” Bekulard added. Because the boy’s password was changed, he was not able to access his account to change his profile.

The child’s mother informed police, who are working together with website administrators to cut down on such occurrences of ‘internet crime.’

The family court may distribute a wide range of punishments, including court-ordered observation of internet time, stated the police spokesperson. is Poland’s largest social networking platform, launched in November 2006 and numbering 27 million users today.