Friday, April 24, 2009

Polish rapist hiding in Ireland?

British and Irish police believe a Polish man, on the run after being accused of taking part In brutal gang rapes 12 years ago, is in hiding in the Irish Republic.

Police have released the photograph of Dawid Wysocki – also known as Andrzej Wysocki or Arthur Bryewiczis – and appealed to the general public for any information on the man’s whereabouts.

Wysocki went on the run after being bailed at the Old Bailey court in London in 1996, after a 17 year old prostitute was taken to a flat in North London, imprisoned and raped by four men, one of which, she told police when she escaped, was the Pole. Two other men were imprisoned for the attack.

Police say that Wysocki maybe in hiding among the large Polish community in the Portlaoise area, central Ireland on the road from Dublin to Cork.