Monday, April 20, 2009

14-years-old boy caught speeding at 170 km per hour

A 14-years-old boy has been caught by police on the motorway in the eastern region of Biala Podlaska driving Audi A3 at 170 km per hour.

He was accompanied by his mother who was sitting at the front. When the police stopped the car the mother came out and tried to convince them that it was her who drove the vehicle. When it turned out that the driver was her under-age son, she explained she wanted to teach him how to drive. She assured the police that “the situation was under control”.

The 49-years-old woman was fined with 300 zlotys ticket for giving her car to a person without driving license. She will also be sued by a family court for neglecting her duties as a parent, which results in two years of imprisonment.

If the court rules that she consciously exposed her son’s life to danger, she may spend up to 5 years in prison.