Saturday, April 11, 2009

Abused daughter tells of torment at hands of Polish pervert dad

Alicja Bartoszuk
In the first interview since he appeared in court last week charged with illegal imprisonment, persistent rape and incest, 22-year-old Alicja Bartoszuk, told the daily tabloid Fakt “He made me believe that in every family the father sleeps with his daughters. He said that’s how a daughter is prepared for life with men.”

The girl, who alleges she was held in captivity for six years and gave birth to two of her father’s children who were later put up for adoption, went on to describe how her mother, Teresa B., had urged her to induce miscarriages during the pregnancies by lying on the floor and dropping heavy boxes of tiles on to her stomach.

“He doesn’t deserve to be called a father. I wish him death, for what he did to me, for wasting my life,” she told the paper.

The accused, Krzystof B., 46, whose full name can’t be given in compliance with Polish law, has denied the charges of multiple rape, illegally holding his daughter captive and five other more minor crimes but has admitted to having ‘consensual’ sex with his daughter.

He was arrested in September last year in the eastern town of Siedlce after his wife and daughter came forward with the allegations.

At the time, Teresa B. told the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper “I noticed something wasn’t right when my daughter began growing up. He touched her where he shouldn’t have. And when I wanted to talk to him about it, he said ‘I have a right to her’ as if she was his object.”

She added that her husband beat her and her daughter when they asked that he stop the abuse: “He intimidated us; he threatened that my daughter would be killed, that he would destroy us both if anyone learned about it.”

Also according to the mother, her husband used to order her to watch television whenever he went into his daughter’s room, closed it and removed the door handle.

Prosecutors have since tracked down two children that Alicja gave birth to, but say they have not conducted DNA tests on the children to determine whether Krzysztof fathered them.

If found guilty, he faces up to 15 years in prison.
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