Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kidney for sale on the internet

A Pole put his kidney and bone marrow up for auction on the internet, with a reserve price of 40,000 zlotys (some 9,000 euros) each.

The seller wrote on Allegro, the Polish version of Ebay, that he intends to sell his kidney and bone marrow because he is in a difficult financial situation.

The auction was to last for six days but the seller closed it on Sunday evening without stating the reason for cutting short the auction.

This is not the first time human organs have been put up for sale on the internet in Poland. Kidney and bone marrow went on sale for 45,000 zlotys (some 10,000 euros) in total. It is possible that the same person is behind both controversial auctions.

The two cases are currently being investigated by the police. Spokesman for the police chief Mariusz Sokolowski explained that placing such offers online is against Polish law. “Such a deed is punishable by a fine, and or a jail sentence,” he said.

If found, the kidney seller could face even up to three years in prison.
Note: How much for both kidneys?