Monday, March 30, 2009

Pawlak reprimanded, Senator Misiak dismissed; The Misiak and Pawlak corruption saga continues

Prime Minister Donald Tusk publicly announced yesterday that Economy Minister Waldemar Pawlak has violated political standards by establishing a business-social arrangement around himself. However, since he is not a member of Civic Platform (PO) he will not be punished. The PM was more harsh concerning the future of Senator Tomasz Misiak, who is accused of a conflict of interest, and declared that the politician will be dismissed from the party.

“I needed some time. I avoid trivial comments. People expect decisions, not comments from the Prime Minister,” declared Tusk, explaining why it took time before he announced his stance on the issues.

The coalition will not be effected by this incident. “Although [the coalition] is not nice and easy, there is no possibility of constructing anything else,” added the PM. PO politicians pointed out that the Senator had technically not broken any laws, but had broken PO's ethical standards.