Thursday, March 26, 2009

Panaji: Polish Hitman’s Past Intrigues Goa Police

An international criminal, a Poland national named Adam Pyotr Mancic’s visit to Attari village near Wagah border in Punjab state with Pakistan has raised eye brows of the personnel in the Goa police department.

The 41 year old Polish was apprehended in the coastal village of Morjim here, after a red corner notice was issued against him by the Interpol.

“We do not know why he went to that village as yet, as he is not prepared to talk to us in the absence of Polish embassy officials,” a senior Goa police officer said.

The hit man, who is currently in police custody, was hiding in Goa after killing a prominent builder Freidhelm Lodenkaamp in Berlin on November 3, 2008.

Goa officials said that Mancic was paid 25,000 euros to kill the builder. He had already landed in India when the Interpol issued a red corner notice against him.

Mancic shot Lodenkaamp thrice with expertly placed shots, using a 9 mm Bertha pistol, when the victim was walking his dog in the evening.

“Two shots were aimed at the head and one at the chest,” a Crime Branch official revealed.

The state police are also baffled with the fact that Mancic managed to change three guest houses in Goa during his stay, without being noticed by the police.

The mandatory `C’ form, which needs to got filled by the guest house owners from the foreigner guests, was not filled by Mancic. The police now intend to crack down on those guest houses which ignored the mandatory ‘C’ form rule.