Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yet another footballer arrested on corruption charges

A former Gornik Polkowice football player, Radoslaw J., has been arrested in Wroclaw in relation with the on-going football corruption scandal.

Yesterday a First Division player, Marcin S., was detained in Lublin

The investigation into corruption in Polish football has been underway since May 2005. So far the Prosecutor’s Office has charged over 200 people: referees, coaches, players, officials and members of the Polish Football Association for fixing matches.

Among the suspects are: a former national team coach Janusz W., a famous referee Grzegorz G., a former football player Dariusz W., a coach Andrzej B. etcetera. In April 2009 a former chairman of the team Arka Gdynia Jacek Milewski was sentenced to four years in prison and Ryszard Forbrich, alias Fryzjer, a member of the Polish Football Association, to 3,5 years in prison on corruption charges.