Sunday, March 08, 2009

Polish paedophile ring detained

The police officers have searched 91 houses, flats and companies in the entire Poland and arrested 78 people suspected of dissemination of child pornography via the Internet.

The operation, code-named "Typhon" is part of an ongoing operation, say police, and more arrests could follow.

Ten people have been charged with downloading and spreading child pornography. Another ten alleged paedophiles will hear the charges today.

"The arrested people come from different social groups: there is an IT specialist, someone who works for ZUS, the national social insurer, a teacher, a miner, a retired soldier and a priest among them," said the police.

On Tuesday hundreds of police officers entered 91 houses in Poland. They secured servers, computers, portable discs and memory cards. A special unit from Austria, who were monitoring the web for illegal material picked up the trail of people who disseminated or gave access to child pornography in Poland and elsewhere in Europe.

Dissemination and storing child pornography is subject to up to eight years prison sentence in Poland.