Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yet another cigarette smuggler detained

The Silesian Border Guard have found about 21,000 packets of cigarettes in the car of a man from Bielsko- Biala, southern Poland.

The 36 year old was detained after the border guards stopped his car for a routine check. His car turned out to be carrying cigarettes worth up to 120,000 zlotys (25,865 euros).

While checking the man’s flat in a follow up investigation, officers came across a complete alcohol bottling line, as well as 2,600 litres of illegal spirits and forged Polish and Czech excise bands.

“This is the biggest case of trafficking in Silesia this year,” said the spokesman for the Silesian Border Guard, Cezary Zaborski.

The man has been charged with trying to avoid paying excise taxes.

Last year the Silesian Border Guard in Zabnze seized illegal alcohol and cigarettes, worth about 4 million zloty (838,803 euros)