Friday, February 27, 2009

19 year old Pole murders aunt?

A 19-year old man from Radom, central Poland, is being detained on susoicion of murdering his aunt.

He has been arrested and is going to be detained for three months, as reported by the press representative of the Masovian police, Rafal Sulecki.

Last week police officers from Ciepielowo (Masovian region) were informed that a 51-year old lady from Kaweczyn had gone missing.

Initially, they assumed the woman had got lost in the nearby forest. Both the police and firemen unsuccessfully searched the area. A corpse was later found, however,in a utility room at the block of flats where the woman lived.

"The victim sustained head injuries which were the direct cause of her death,” said the police spokesperson.

The police gathered and secured evidence which clearly indicated that the murder was committed in the victim's own home. Later on the murderer moved the body in order to conceal traces of crime," said Sulecki.

The police detained the 19-year old suspect, who confessed to the crime, but was not clear as to the motives for his behaviour. They also found some things the man had stolen from his aunt. The investigation is going to be carried out by the District Public Prosecutor's Office in Lipsk.

The man may be sentenced to life imprisonment.