Friday, February 20, 2009

Student detained for teacher harassment

Another student accused of harassing his teacher has been detained in Ryki, in central Poland.

The boy has admitted to having harassed his teacher, explaining that he wanted to seem 'cool' in front of his friends, two of whom had been already detained.

Videos recorded in the class show the 19-year old boy not only dancing and insulting the teacher, but also hitting him. He also screamed "behave yourself or you will go to the hospital." The rest of the teenagers in the class seemed to support their friends’ actions.

The boy expressed his strong regrets about what he had done, saying that he was ready to suffer the consequences, as well as apologize to the teacher in public.

The teacher, with 20 years experience in the classroom, filed charges against the students only after the first of the recordings was put on the internet in January. He stated that he had not filed charges earlier because ‘ he was hoping that his students would start behaving themselves.’

Jaroslaw O. and Kamil N., 19 year-olds detained on Monday with the same charges, pleaded guilty. They faced a sentence of six and three months in prison, respectively, with three years additional parole. As well, the boys face a 500 zloty (120 euro) and 300 zloty (70 euro) penalty, respectively. They will also have to make public apologies.
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