Sunday, February 15, 2009

Minister Klich denies he is in danger of the sack

Defence Minister Bogdan Klich has denied having talks with Prime Minister Donald Tusk about his possible dismissal, so contradicting reports which appeared in the media, Monday.

Press reports accused Klich of financing his wife's foundation, the Strategic Studies Institute, from the National Treasury resources.

"It was a blow to our hearts," said Klich, underlining that the Prime Minister did not mentioned anything about his impending dismissal.

"[PM Tusk] has the right reshuffle his ministers. I'm a loyal minister and I will do whatever he asks me to," he said, adding that if the prime minister wants him to resign, he will not hesitate to stand down.

Klich denied putting National Treasury money into his wife's foundation. Bogdan Klich was appointed Minister of National Defence on 15 November 2007 and the following day gave his role as chief of Strategic Studies Institute and replaced by his wife on January 2008.

The head of the Prime Minister's political cabinet Slawomir Nowak has also denied that the minister is in danger of being sacked, saying that Klich is a good member of the government who performs his duties well.

The allegations against Klich and speculation that he will be dismissed comes only days after PM Tusk asked for and obtained the resignation of Justice Minister Zbigniew Cwiakalski.