Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cost of living rockets in Warsaw

The cost of living in Warsaw has risen by 15 percent in the last year and is now catching up with other western European capitals in terms of expense.

The Mercer consultancy company, which compared 143 cities all over the world, regarding cost of housing, public transport, food, clothes, entertainment and domestic appliances, demonstrates that citizens of Warsaw have to pay day-to-day items more than people in Berlin or Brussels. The Polish capital is now the 35th most costly capital ? one year ago it was 67th.

Unfortunately, high prices do not go, as usually, with a high wages.

Average pay in Warsaw is 4.600 zlotys (just over 1,000 euros) and in other large cities in Poland this figure is much lower still. The average employee earns three or four times less in Poland than they would get for the same in Germany.