Friday, February 06, 2009

Palikot resigns from Friendly Nation Commission

Janusz Palikot, the maverick politician from Civic Platform has announced his resignation as head of the parliamentary Commission for a Friendly Nation.

Palikot claims on his blog that he will resign officially at 14:00 today because he does not want to stay in what has become 'an awkward position' with colleagues from the party.

The politician has recommended Miroslaw Sekuly to take up his post. He evaluated Sekuly as one who has the potential to work hard to ensure that the commission functions to it's full potential.

The Commission for a Friendly Nation was set up by Palikot to make government less bureaucratic, more accessible to the people, and to assure that government does not hinder the rights of its citizens.

It's fitting he has announced his resignation on his blog, as this has been the source of the politician's problems. Recently he called for former prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski to end the speculation as to whether he was a homosexual, or not. Last year Palikot used his blog to call for President Kaczynski's health records to be made public to end speculation that he was an alcoholic, or not.

Last week the government, led by Civic Platform, appeared to lose patients with their maverick colleague and many called for his suspension from the party.