Saturday, February 28, 2009

72-year-old gyno faces 3 years jail for abortion

A 72-year-old gynecologist was arrested by Western Pomernia police in his private surgery in the middle of a consultation regarding the performance of an illegal abortion.

Spokesperson for the police, Marek Karczynski, while refusing to give details of the arrest, stated that it occurred Friday afternoon in Police, near Szczecin.

A spokesperson for the Regional Prosecutor of Szczecin’s office, Malgorzata Wojciechowicz, stated that police entered the doctor’s surgery to find him in consultation with a pregnant woman and an anesthesiologist “likely just moments before the abortion.”

Wojciechowicz claims that the woman sought out the abortion.

The 72-year-old doctor faces 8,000 zloty (1,700 euro) bail from jail, police supervision to ensure that he does not flee the country and up to three year in prison if convicted. The anesthesiologist and woman have been subpoenaed for testimony.