Friday, March 13, 2009

Poles fear reckless driving and drunks

Poles are most afraid of reckless driving, according to research done by National Police Headquarters in January 2009.

Overall, Polish citizens are not a fearful nation. Seventy-seven percent of citizens are not afraid to walk alone at night, 60 percent do not avoid a particular location even if they feel unsafe and seventy percent are not afraid of petty crimes, including robbery.

“This is extremely important information,” stated Police Commander General Andrzej Matejuk. He added that reckless drivers will be treated harshly and police intend to make better use of video monitoring on roads.

Seventeen thousand Poles took place in the survey. Every fifth respondent fears vandals, drunks and drug addicts.

Results of the research show that Poles are becoming less fearful. Fifteen years ago, every second citizen was afraid to walk alone after dark, whereas now, only every fifth person expressed some fear at the idea.

More respondents than last year (18 percent) stated that they fear nothing.