Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brits protest against Polish companies

The local unemployed have mounted a demonstration against discrimination of British people by Polish companies located on the Isles. The demonstration took place in front of Grain Island Power Station at the mouth of Thames and Medway Rivers.

British trade union members are outraged by the fact that Polish companies are allegedly hiring exclusively Poles.

A few dozen people participated in the demonstration. The organizer, Unite trade union, claims that Polish companies reserved around 450 workplaces exclusively for Poles. Grain Island power station is owned by the German E.on company, whereas the French Alstom is the building contractor.

The spokesman for Alstom announced that the British companies could have participated in the bidding for subcontractors, but the Polish companies Remak and Robot Energy and Power Plant won the contract. Since no British people allegedly applied for work, Poles were hired.