Friday, December 12, 2008

Top referee Grzegorz Gilewski held in corruption scandal

The Central Anticorruption Bureau, CBA, has detained international referee Grzegorz Gilewski. in connection with the widespread corruption scandal in Polish football.

The man will be before the public prosecutor's office in Wroclaw, south- western Poland, which is investigating the case.

Another offal close to Gilewski, Tomasz S., has also been detained.

Gilewski, considered one of the three yop referees in Poland, had been chosen by the Polish Football Association as one of the candidates to lead final of World Cup in 2010. Since 2005 he refereed in the Champions League.

The inquiry into corruption in Polish football has been ongoing since May 2005, with 170 referees, managers and other members of Polish Football Association charged so far.

The lawsuit was launched in the court in Wroclaw in December 2007, when 17 people, including allegedly responsible for the corruption process Ryszard F., alias Fryzjer (Hairdresser), stood in the dock.