Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Commission orders Gorski apologise

Parliamentary Ethics Commission said, Thursday, that MP Artur Gorski of the Law and Justice party should apologize in the form of a parliamentary statement for his insulting comments about American president - elect Barack Obama.

Head of the Commission Elzbieta Witek underlined that the Ethics Commission was willing to abandon its plan to punish Gorski, if apologies appeared in a proper form.

Thus the Commission decided to stay legal proceedings, which were commenced, November, on application of the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) head Grzegorz Napieralski.

Napieralski petitioned the Commission to punish Artur Gorski for his statement in parliament, that Obama's election spelled “the end of white man’s civilization” and that the new US president was a “black crypto-communist”, which caused an international stir.

Elzbieta Witek said that the apologies should be announced in the parliament, just like Gorski's former statement.

Gorski told journalists that he probably will apologise, underlining, however, that he has two weeks to make up his mind.

“I thought that my former statement would put an end to the matter,” said Gorski, referring to a statement he made earlier, claiming his remarks were taken out of context. “But it seems that it is the commission's reaction to my apologies that counts," said Gorski. He added that in terms of content the statement would probably be similar to the letter written to the Speaker of the Sejm, Bronislaw Komorowski from Civic Platform, in which Gorski apologized for the incident.