Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Poles are late on their payments

InfoDlug has released a report stating that Poles overdue debt has surpassed zl.8 billion

Poles are lagging behind in their monthly payments and the overdue debt has amounted in November to zl.8.12 billion, according to a report published by InfoDlug. According to the report, not only has the number of people with overdue bills has grown, but so has the average sum of overdue debt. In the last quarter, the average sum owed has risen 10 percent, to zl.6,425. Meanwhile, the number of Poles who owe money has risen 5 percent to 1.26 million people.

The zl.8.12 billion debt includes payments owed for loan installments and lease payments, as well as for energy, telecommunication and rent bills. Most of the debts are between zl. 2,001-5,000 and almost half of debtors, 46 percent, are petty debtors, whose debts do not cross zl.2,000.

According to Andrzej Topinski, main economist of Biuro Informacji Kredytowej S.A., mortgage loans are paid off much better than commercial loans. Meawhile, Mariusz Wyzycki, vicepresident at BIK said, "We should remember that today even the slightest debt will effect the banks decision in granting loans, mortgages and credit cards."