Monday, December 08, 2008

Truckers block Belarus border

Lorry drivers have staged a protest, over the limit on the amount of fuel carried to Poland in petrol tanks, blocking the customs clearance of lorries on the border crossing with Belarus in Koroszczyn, western Poland.

According to Cezary Grochowski, police spokesman in Biala Podlaska, western Poland, several lorries have blocked the pass to the terminal.

The protest has been mounted by the Carriers Organization in Biala Podlaska, whose head Slawomir Kostian expressed his disappointment with the import fuel limits that, instead of being lifted by 1 December, have only been increased from 200 to 600 litres.

"Such limits make customs officers measure the fuel amount carried in the tanks, thus lengthening the whole procedure and giving way to corruption," said Kostian, calling for rules enabling any fuel amount to be carried in a lorry tank.

Protesters have decided to give way only to lorries carrying live animals and food that can go off easily.

Carriers do not want to cut down the amount of fuel brought to Poland in lorries' tanks due to its lower price by our eastern neighbours.