Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President pleased with progress into football corruption scandal

President Lech Kaczynski will meet representatives of the government next week to discuss the next step in reforming Poland’s allegedly sleaze-ridden football association, the PZPN.

The president will have talks with both the minister of sport, Miroslaw Dzewiecki, and his own representative for sporting matters, Michal Kleiber.

President Kaczynski said that he was pleased with the government’s attempt to finally cleans Polish football of corruption, a scandal that has now seen over 160 arrests at all the levels of the game. He said that it was important to return PZPN to full autonomy as soon as possible, as the world governing body, FIFA has demanded, but said it was crucial to return “the rule of law” to the game in order to regain trust of football supporters within and outside Poland.

This week saw the high profile arrest of a former coach of the national team, Janusz W., who has been charged with 11 cases of corruption involving hundreds of thousands of zloty in bribes.