Tuesday, October 28, 2008

'Road pirate' clocks up 28 offences during police chase

A 23-year old driver from Belchatow, central Poland, managed to break 28 regulations when being chased by police.

The driver, who was eventually stopped by police, had managed to clock up 144 penalty points (the maximum limit in Poland being 21 before a licence is taken away).

The event happened during the afternoon hours on Monday after police wanted to stop the car for a routine check. When flagged down to stop, the car, which had invalid number plates, sped up.

After committing a total of 28 serious driving offences, police finally stopped the "road pirate" in Rzasawa, a few kilometres away from Belchatow. It so transpired that the driver not only did not have necessary documents, such as registration and insurance, but did not have a driving licence at all.

In addition to not having any right to drive, the 23-year old was found to have over 2 per mil of alcohol in his blood, over 10 times the limit. He faces a jail sentence of up to 8 years.