Monday, October 27, 2008

Geriatric Pole stabs fellow patient in hospital

A man aged 102 stabbed a fellow patient, aged 65, in a hospital in Elblag, northern Poland.

It is still not known why the elderly patient decided to knife his neighbour in the hospital ward. The incident happened on Monday evening, when the 102-year old stabbed another patient in the back.

The 65-year old victim has been taken into intensive care, and his situation is stable, doctors say.

Meanwhile the geriatric stabber was taken into custody and transferred to a psychiatric ward at the military hospital in Elblag. Tests on the man have shown that he suffers from depression and dementia.

The 102-year old will be interrogated by police when doctors believe it will be safe to do so. Police believe the patient will give his reasons for the sudden attack. The knife-wielding geriatric may serve up to 5 years in prison for his actions.