Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Poles more disillusioned with politics

More and more Poles are losing interest in politics, a new survey says.

A poll by TNS OBOP reveals that 28 percent of Poles declare that they are not interested in voting were an election to be held this month. Two months ago this group only amounted to 17 percent.

While disillusionment is setting in among many, 53 percent who declare they will vote next election support Civic Platform while the opposition Law and Justice party is supported by 25 percent of the voters.

The Democratic Left Alliance - the third largest party in parliament can count on 10 percent of the popular vote, and the junior coalition partner, Polish Peasants Party has just 5 percent. The League of the Polish Families and the Self-Defence - two junior coalition parties in the previous government voted out of office last autumn, are supported by 2 percent of Poles, making them ineligible to enter parliament.