Saturday, July 07, 2007

Nurses “White city” illegal?

Head of Masovian Voivodeship Jacek Sasin has found nurses’ protest illegal and called on Warsaw’s President Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz to remove tents from the lawn in front of PM’s office. Gronkiewicz-Waltz, however, holds the protest to be legal.

Sasin argues that OZZPiP had permission to hold a protest only on June 19 between 12 and 3 p.m.

But from that moment on the nurses have continuously been picketing the PM’s office.

“The government and the head of the voivodeship want to use me to solve the problem, but I will not do them this service,” Warsaw’s President Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz responded.

Gronkiewicz-Waltz added that expert lawyers whom she consulted believe that “the gathering is legal and has received an appropriate permission”. She also pointed out that she “has a different idea of freedom of gatherings” than Jacek Susin.

Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz stressed the fact that a gathering can only be dissolved when it endangers people’s lives and property. “In this case there are no such circumstances as this is a peace manifestation,” she said.

The “white town” of the protesting nurses has been standing in front of PM’s office since June 19.