Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nurses go on hunger strike

Three of the four nurses occupying the PM’s Chancellery have gone on hunger strike.

The protest has gone on for seven days. The tent camp outside the PM’s office with its 400-500 strong population of nurses accompanied by miners, teachers and doctors is still expanding.

Information of hunger strike electrified the crowd of nurses gathering outside the Chancellery. The protesters seemed dejected upon the news that was broken by Krystyna Ciemniak from the Polish Trade Union of Nurses and Midwives (OZZPiP).

Longina Kaczmarska, Iwona Borchulska and Janina Zaraś are the names of the three nurses who have commenced the hunger protest.

The Radio Information Agency (IAR) has found out that the fourth nurse, Dorota Gardias has decided not to go on hunger strike for health reasons - she suffers from diabetes.

The form of the protest is becoming more radical. Krystyna Ciemniak ensures that trade union representatives will soon meet to decide on its further course.