Saturday, June 23, 2007

Speaker Dorn: ‘there was no revolt in Afghanistan’

“There wasn’t a single case of refusal to obey an order to take part in a patrol,” Speaker of Poland’s Parliament Ludwik Dorn said after his return from Afghanistan.

“It is a fact that several soldiers applied by means of a report for dismissal from service in the Polish Military Contingent, giving a reason that, in their opinion, Humvee vehicles were badly equipped, when it comes to protection,” Speaker Dorn admitted.

However, he immediately added that in their reports soldiers pointed out that until the command takes any decisions they remain at its disposal.

According to the Speaker, who visited Polish soldiers in Afghanistan on Friday, there were no cases of insubordination or refusal to obey orders.

For the additional equipping of the military vehicles Ludwik Dorn promised to turn to the Americans. Currently Polish soldiers have Hummers of the level of armour 2, while the Americans drive Hummers with the armour level 5.

On Thursday Military Police spokesman Col. Edward Jaroszuk informed that the military police is investigating the case of several soldiers’ insubordination in one of the Afghan bases.

Consisting of 1100 people Polish contingent in Afghanistan serves within the UN-mandated International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF