Thursday, June 14, 2007

Drugs law changes proposed

A junior coalition partner has proposed sweeping changes to the anti-narcotics law, including a ban on symbols connected and promoting drug taking.

The first reading of the new bill took place in the Sejm, the Polish parliament last night.

League of Polish Families (LPR) wants to introduce changes into Polish Narcotics Act. LPR proposals include among others a ban on wearing T-shirts with a marihuana leaf.

According to LPR MPs, such ban would be an important element of anti-narcotics prevention.

“90 percent of people on a drying-out ward started from smoking marihuana,” the MPs cite late founder of Polish drug addicts aid NGO ‘Monar’ Marek Kotański.

And because of such “omnipresent symbols” as for example on T-shirts or caps, according to LPR MPs, we are witnessing drugs promotion everyday.

The proposed LPR project includes also a ban on hemp seeds trading, as well as introducing narcotests to the companies. The employers would have the right to check if their employees are under the influence of drugs.

LPR wants also to penalise restaurants owners who sell or turn a blind eye to narcotics distribution.