Monday, June 11, 2007

4th week of doctors’ strike begins

According to Krzysztof Bukiel, chairman of the National Doctors’ Union, 227 hospitals are now involved, with 46 hospitals from łódzkie voivodeship, central Poland, joining today.

The action of handing in mass resignation notices is being continued. “Today, over 100 doctors from a hospital in Słupsk are to resign form their jobs,” adds Krzysztof Bukiel.

The Chairman of the National Doctors’ Union stressed that union members expect substantial offers from the government. They want negotiations about pay demands and increasing spending on health care.

No breakthrough was reached during the meeting of the deputy prime minister and minister of finance with the health care trade unions’ representatives last Wednesday.

Zyta Gilowska stated that in the upcoming months pay rises for doctors and nurses are impossible.

The deputy prime minister assured that next year there will be additional 6 billion zloty for health care. She added that there are no legal impediments for the money being allocated for salary increases.
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