Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Famous Polish private-eye sentenced in Belgium

Polish detective Krzysztof Rutkowski has been sentenced by the court in Antwerp, Belgium for 1.5 years in prison in connection with his capturing a wanted Pole on the streets of Antwerp two years ago, Belgian press agency reports.

Together with Rutkowski also his three associates were sentenced. Each of them received a punishment of 14 months imprisonment.

In June 2005 Rutkowski accompanied by his ‘crew’, masked and in bullet-proof vests, captured in Antwerp 35-year-old Piotr K. They forced him into a car and transported to a local police station. The whole action was filmed by television.

Wanted by the police by the warrant of arrest Piotr K. was linked to criminal groups form Lubusz Voivodship (western Poland) operating also on Belgian territory. He allegedly was dealing with blackmail and racketeering.

“Piotr K.’s detention was the first case when private persons captured and escorted to the Belgian police a person wanted by a warrant of arrest. If it were not for the engagement of ‘Rutkowski’ bureau of investigation, activities of the Belgian police would not have brought the expected results,” the detective announced then in a press release.

Public prosecutor’s office found, however, that Rutkowski entered into competences reserved in Belgium only for workers of the police. The court agreed with this argumentation and sentenced the detective and his co-workers basing on an act of law, which rigidly forbids private paramilitary troops (militia).

Neither Rutkowski nor his associates were present in the court on Monday. The judgment is not valid.