Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Poles happier to stay in UK

One in three central European immigrants intend to stay for good in the UK, says new survey.

The study by the Rowntree Foundation asked 600 people from Poland, the Czech Republic and other new EU countries how long they intended to stay in the UK.

In 2002 only six percent said they wanted to stay for a long time. That figure has now risen to 29 percent.

The survey also found that:

*A quarter of migrants spent no time with British people, finding them "polite but distant".

*Only a third of migrants had taken English classes.

*Women immigrants and those with higher than average wages were more likely to opt for permanent stay.

*Two-thirds of the sample did not know how to register with a doctor. Over half a million Poles are thought to be in the UK. The growing number of Poles intending to stay for lengthy periods will not please the Polish government, which has led a campaign to get emigrants to return home, as many sectors of the labour market are experiencing shortages.