Thursday, May 31, 2007

Szczypińska not satisfied with Ryanair’s apology

MP Jolanta Szczypińska is still threatening to sue if further apology is not offered.

A few days ago the airline used an advert for low cost flights showing a picture of the two sitting together under the headline: "Are they planning a honeymoon trip?"

After seeing the ad MP Jolanta Szczypińska took legal action against Ryanair demanding apologies.

A few days ago, an announcement appeared in press, in which the carrier apologises to the MP and the Prime Minister for using the expression ‘honeymoon trip’ in the ad and promised to donate 25,000 zlotys to charity.

Tomasz Kułakowski, the carrier's sales and marketing executive for Central Europe assures that by means of the announcement the company wanted to apologise to the MP and the PM.

Jolanta Szczypińska, however, talking to Radio Gdańsk said that she is not satisfied with such apologies. According to her, the company failed to fulfil the demands of her lawyers.

The MP expressed hope that Ryanair will comply with her demands. If not, she doesn’t exclude a trial, which she still would like to avoid, in order not to provide the carrier with free publicity.

Ms Szczypińska demands a press release at Ryanair’s expense in wording prepared earlier by her legal advisers.

Speculation of a romance between Szczypińska and the PM has been a regular staple of the tabloids and magazines for many months now. (jm)