Saturday, June 02, 2007

Neo-fascists were preparing terrorist attacks in Poland

Terrorist attacks instructions for Nazi groups in Poland have been intercepted by the Internal Security Agency (ABW) officers near Radom, eastern Poland. A local official was detained in the proceedings.

Terrorists wanted to plant bombs in refugee centres and places where the Jews or homosexuals meet. They also planned a series of arson.

The ABW struck in several places around the country. The agents searched flats of people suspected of connections with the neo-fascist organisation “Blood and Honour”. One of the persons, a local official residing in Białobrzegi near Kraków, 30-year-old Adam P. had the attack instructions on him.

“At his place, among other things, ABW found materials with anti-Semitic content as well as instructions for Nazi groups operating in Poland. They included detailed information on, for example, methods of intimidation, arson and bomb attacks,” the Agency reports.

The bombs were to explode in refugee centres and places where the Jews or homosexuals meet.

“The instructions did not specify however in which particular places the terrorists wanted to strike,” ABW spokesman in Radom Ewa Kujawiak explained.

The detained official, apart from plans for attacks possessed fascist brochures, posters and books, as well as a uniform with fascist emblems.

According to the ABW, Adam P. was running an enterprise which was distributing books, magazines and CDs produced both in Poland and abroad (USA and Germany) which he sold through the Internet.

“Their contents promoted fascism, encouraged racial hatred and undertaking destructive action against the state,” ABW reported. (jm)
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