Monday, June 18, 2007

Rospuda Valley motorway construction to be continued

In an interview for Polish Radio One this morning, vice minister of transport Bogusław Kowalski announced that the construction of the motorway through the Rospuda Valley will be continued. Works are to commence in late autumn.

The vice minister explained that current works were ceased, among others, because of birds’ breeding season.

“It is necessary to respect various seasons connected with nature and because of that a temporary suspension of certain works has taken place; but when this season is over they will be continued,” he said.

Bogusław Kowalski pointed out that there is no possibility of retreating from the decision to build the motorway through Rospuda. Still, he admitted that it is likely that Poland will have to pay compensation, if the European Commission detects a violation of environmental protection regulations. However, the transport vice minister is convinced that there are no such violations.

The vice minister expects Poles to be able to feel a change on Polish roads no sooner than in 5-6 years. As he explained, the investment process takes that long.

Kowalski pointed out that the change will be a result of last and this year’s acceleration in road construction industry. According to the vice minister, bad condition of roads in Poland is an effect of negligence in previous years.

Vice minister Kowalski informed also that presently the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways carries out several hundred investments at various levels of advancement. Plans have been supplemented, among other, with roads connected with the EURO 2012 Finals, including the S8 expressway Wrocław-Poznań-Gdańsk. (jm)