Friday, July 06, 2007

Polish climbers freeze to death in Alps

Rescuers have found bodies of three Polish climbers trapped on a Mont Blanc glacier in Italian Alps.

ANSA agency informed that the Poles – Anna P., Jakub M. and Jakub S. froze to death in the temperature reeaching to minus 20 degrees Celsius. All of them were in their twenties.

Difficult weather conditions hampered the rescue operation on Mount Blanc, where three Polish mountain climbers had been trapped for two days by an avalanche at an altitude of 3600 metres.

Rescuers attempted to reach the climbers several times but dangerous conditions repeatedly forced the team to turn back. For several hours there was no contact with the three.

Around 4 p.m., when the weather improved a helicopter was sent to take down the climbers but only the bodies were found in a snow hole they dig to protect themselves from freezing cold. They were trapped for 48 hours. (jm)