Monday, July 02, 2007

Warsaw hospital evacuated

24 patients were evacuated from internal medicine ward of Warsaw hospital in Barska Street on Saturday due to doctors’ hunger strike.

The patients were transported to other hospitals because 11 hunger-striking doctors were no longer able to take care of the ill.

According to head of the internal illnesses department Urszula Cwyl, transportation was not dangerous to the patients, as none of them was in bad condition.

Indignant families of the hospital’s patients would not agree to transport their relatives to other institutions. “Patients have become the victims of this conflict. This is just like euthanasia,” they shouted.

“I have a right to strike, just like any other citizen. The problem is that the ill won’t have proper medical care in a day or two,” one of the hospital’s doctors explained.

The decision to evacuate 24 patients of the ward was taken jointly by the hospital’s director and representatives of Marshall’s Office, to whom the hospital is subordinate.

“In present situation I am not able to provide security to the ill. That is why we had to evacuate them,” hospital’s director Janusz Krzykowski said.

“I can not take responsibility if one of the doctors on hunger strike collapses while performing medical procedures,” he added.

The authorities of the hospital are creating a list of patients from other wards, who also might need consultations in internal medicine. They are likely to be transported to other hospitals too.

The situation in the hospital is likely to worsen. As of Monday also anaesthetists are to join the hunger strike. This means no surgeries, so the hospital’s operating would be practically impossible.

In the whole capital city as many as 16 hospitals are on strike – this is nearly every third institution.