Monday, May 03, 2010

Drunk driving offences up

From: The News
Over 2,000 drivers were caught drunk behind the wheel over the long May weekend in Poland, with 35 killed and 500 injured.

Police say the casualty rate could grow further as many were leaving it till Tuesday to make the journey home after visiting friends and family over the May1 to May 3 weekend.

The number caught drunk driving increased significantly compared to last year, said press spokeswoman at Police HQ in Warsaw, Grazyna Puchalska.

“Many [caught] were not those who got behind the wheel immediately after drinking, but those who drank the evening before,” she said, reminding the alcohol stays in the body and can be detected hours after drinking.

Such a mug

From: NPE
A 46 year-old mugger finally met his comeuppance when he bumped into an OAP from whom he had stolen a handbag several weeks ago.

The 70 year-old lady from Warsaw recognised the thief and tried to detain him by holding his jacket and hollering for help.

The mugger managed to escaped, but with the help of her sister, aged 67, she patrolled the area and called for police assistance when he reappeared with another man.

Eventually the thief and the other man, who was wanted for avoiding a 10-month prison sentence, were arrested.